Strip n Stick
Strip n Stick

Strip n Stick 100s is a specially formulated closed cell silicone sponge. It offers a medium compression and has an orange / brown colour.

It is offered with the options of acrylic and silicone adhesive. This depends on the application and the customers preference. The image below shows a roll that has a silicone adhesive which we hold in stock ready to cut to width. The adhesive comes with a 6 month shelf life rating.

Our master batch roll width starts at 914mm wide which is 36″ in imperial measurements. The length on the rolls is 9mtr. We have the ability to slit any roll width from 10mm up to 914mm wide and generally dispatch the same day as ordered if this is before 12.00pm Monday to Friday.

Strip n Stick can be used a gasket with relative ease and speed. It comes with a paper release liner which is easy to remove and then stick down in to position. It can also be used to damp vibrations in a number of extreme environments. Because it is made from silicone it has a good temperature range. The temperature range is from -70 to +260 Celsius.

100s has a nominal thickness of 3.18mm. This equates 1/8 in imperial measurements.

Other advantages are that the material is odourless. It is also non corrosive and non toxic.

Upon special request we can offer other thicknesses of this material as well as acrylic adhesive.

This product is manufactured in the United States of America however we stock this product here in the United Kingdom in full width master batch roll size.

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Strip n' Stick
Strip n’ Stick