Tortilla & Pizza Dough Processing


Techbelt manufactures in house, non-stick belts and materials for use within tortilla & pizza dough processing lines.

Tortilla & pizza dough processing lines tend to be fairly simple in design and utilise a continuous PTFE conveyor belt that carries the pizza or tortilla dough along. A travelling head or hot platen is synchronised with the travelling belt and compresses the dough under heat to create the finished product. Once compressed in to a disk the tortilla then leaves the press enters the cooling side of the operation.

The non stick belts usually used on these types of machines are either conventional PTFE coated glass cloth types or version of this that have a cast or extruded film on the top layer. Laminated film surfaces offer a much higher resistance to wear over standard types however due to a high level of mechanical failure tortilla belts & pizza belts are usually changed once a week therefore almost are a consumable product.

Low quality belts seen in the market can produce very low life levels. Techbelt materials offer a the best quality possible meaning planned belt changes can be implemented within schedules maintenance timetables rather than due to premature belt failure.

PTFE flour tortilla belts are either supplied with a mechanical joint which allows the belt to be quickly or easily changed. Belts can also be supplied endless which is done in house or as an open length piece for the user to fit the joint on the machine with a PTFE belt welder.

It is also possible for Techbelt to offer metal shims inserted in to the edge of the belt. This allows the belt to be electronically indexed.

More information about tortilla & pizza dough processing belts can be discussed with our technical sales team.

tortilla & pizza dough processing
tortilla & pizza dough processing