Techbelt PTFE Adhesive Tapes (commonly known under a trade marked name of Teflon ® Tapes) are constructed using high performance adhesives usually offered in Silicone or acrylic.

Our standard range of tapes is PTFE coated glass fabric types and are normally supplied in four different thicknesses. These materials are beneficial in a number of applications in the packaging industry tending to used as a release media in heat sealing.

We are one of the few companies that manufacture zone and barrier tapes in house on our purpose built equipment. These are manufactured from non adhesive PTFE coated glass fabrics and have double sided tape applied down both edges. These products are often found on heat sealing machines.

Techbelt stock a range of virgin PTFE that have been skived from a billet at a set thickness. We offer four grades all being supplied with a silicone adhesive.

UHMW tape is a specialist material encompassing similar properties to our PTFE fabric tapes range in that have an excellent low co efficient of friction but benefits in that it has a far greater resistance to wear. It doesn’t however work at extreme environments therefore is more suited to room temperature applications.