Skived PTFE Tape

Skived PTFE tapes come in four different grades ranging from 0.0031 inch to 0.019 inch thick. all have a high temperature resistant, silicone adhesive backing. The adhesive is pressure sensitive and will adhere to hot metal surfaces. They are supplied in slit roll form ranging from 0.40 inch to 39.5 inch wide on 38 yard coils. We also sell these products by the square yard. Lead time is generally same day dispatch from order.

Skived PTFE film tape has many uses and fantastic practical features it can be used for a myriad of uses. The main characteristics of Teflon skived tape is its resistance to heat and high slip.

Skived PTFE tape can be easily stretched and bent to fit irregular surfaces. Our team at can help you find the appropriate PTFE tape for your particular application.

Product Applications:

  • Harness/coil wraps and separators
  • Transformers
  • Slot liners
  • Heat-sealing bars and jaws
  • Labelling machine pressure pads, chute liners, anti-friction devices and more
  • Roll protection in flat die extrusion


Products: SK-3, 5, 10 & 20

Maximum Temperature: 500°F

Maximum Width: 39.5 inch

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