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High-Performance Non-Stick PTFE Conveyor Belting

Our non-stick PTFE belting offers exceptional properties that surpass those of other polymer-coated materials. We supply PTFE-coated fabrics for a broad range of applications, from common to specialized uses.

Applications of PTFE Conveyor Belting

PTFE conveyor belting is versatile, serving numerous industries with diverse end-user applications, from food production to heat sealing processes. Below are some examples:

Food Production

  1. Contact Cooking of Meats

    • Ideal for high-volume cooking of meats like chicken and bacon.
    • Typically involves 650mm or 1050mm wide belts working in pairs as top and bottom conveyors.
    • The meat is cooked between the belts, heated by oil-heated hot plates, ensuring thorough cooking without sticking.
    • The process is similar to using Teflon-coated non-stick pans.
  2. Flatbread Production

    • Used in the production of flour tortillas.
    • A single conveyor belt carries dough balls, pressing them into flat tortillas via a fixed hot plate.


  1. Thermal Bonding
    • Extensively used in textile processing.
    • Pairs of belts bond two layers of textiles together by heating glue or adhesive while applying pressure.

Open Mesh PTFE Belting

Open mesh PTFE belting, while similar to closed weave versions, serves different purposes and applications.

Applications of Open Mesh PTFE Belting

  1. Hot Air Ovens

    • Used as a carrier belt in hot air ovens for textiles, food, and other specialized applications such as can drying.
    • Typically features a 4mm square opening, though smaller sizes are available.
  2. Food Production

    • Effective in drying cereals to precise moisture levels.
  3. Beverage Can Production

    • Aluminum beverage cans are conveyed on PTFE mesh belts through a hot air oven to cure the internal food-safe lacquer.
    • The mesh allows for efficient air circulation around the cans and the belt.

Key Advantages of PTFE Conveyor Belting

  • Non-stick properties: Prevents sticking, making it ideal for food processing and high-temperature applications.
  • Durability: Handles high temperatures and extensive use.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

Explore our PTFE conveyor belting solutions to enhance your production processes with superior non-stick performance and durability.

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