PTFE Zone Tape – White 5 mil TEFSIL® 5

PTFE Zone Tape 5mil are typically manufactured at 2 inch wide and have two strips of 0.40 inch wide double-sided red tape running down both edges.

Techbelt is one of only a few companies actually manufacturing zone tape in house. The roll length on this product is 33 yard.

In Europe, these tapes are also referred to as PTFE (Teflon) Duplex tapes.

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The purpose of the double sided tape is to allow the tape to be easily wrapped around the block where the heating wire or element would sit. The double sided tape will stick to the main body of the block leaving the exposed PTFE adhesive tape (known as Teflon® tape) to protect the sealing wire. PTFE zone tapes are made to order. Generally we use either 0.40 inch or 0.60 inch wide double sided tapes down the edges, we can slit these to your preferred size. We offer two versions of double sided tape, one standard and one high performance. All rolls come on 33 yards coils, we can break them down to 3.3 x 11 yard coils for resale. Zone tapes are primarily used in applications where it is important that the adhesive doesn’t come in to contact with a heating element or it is necessary to cover an expensive component of a packaging machine such as silicone sponge or foam
General Info
Our zone tapes are custom made in house at our manufacturing facility which allows us to offer the tapes in a number of varying widths and thickness; so if the specific size you require is not listed, please contact our sales team on: +44 (0)1422 366386 and we will be glad to assist you with your requirements
• The Teflon element of our zone tapes can operate up to 500°F
• On white edged tapes, the double sided white edging can operate up to a temperature of 302°F
• On red edged tapes, the double sided red edging can operate up to a temperature of 356°F
• Reference: Tefsil 5 • Thickness: 0.0090 inch
• Glass Style: Singles • Weave: Plain
• Base Weight: 209g/m2 • Coated Weight: 480g/m2
• PTFE Coating: 54% • Surface Texture: Smooth
• Tensile Warp: 440 • Tensile Weft: 380

Additional information

Supplied in 30 Metre Rolls Unless Specified Differently

0.157 x 0.275 x 0.157 (3/5"), 0.393 x 1.574 x 0.393 (2 3/8 inch), 0.393 x 1.771 x 0.393 (2 5/9 inch), 0.393 x 1.968 x 0.393 (2 3/4 inch), 0.393 x 2.165 x 0.393 (3 inch), 0.393 x 2.362 x 0.393 (3 1/6 inch), 0.393 x 0.393 x 0.393 (1 1/4 inch), 0.393 x 2.559 x 0.393 (3 1/3 inch), 0.393 x 0.590 x 0.393 (1 3/8 inch), 0.393 x 2.755 x 0.393 (3 5/9 inch), 0.393 x 0.787 x 0.393 (1 1/2 inch), 0.393 x 2.952 x 0.393 (3 3/4 inch), 0.393 x 0.984 x 0.393 (1 3/4 inch), 0.393 x 3.149 x 0.393 (3 8/9 inch), 0.393 x 1.181 x 0.393 (2 inch), 0.393 x 1.377 x 0.393 (2 1/4 inch)

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