Bakery / Biscuit Conveyor Belts

Bakery / Biscuit Conveyor Belts

Bakery / Biscuit Conveyor Belts supplied by Techbelt cover a number of processes. These can range from Flat bread production such as naan and tortilla, to hearth breads and buns. Puff pastry, cracker and biscuit lines are other examples of food production that require specific conveyor belts.

An example of the types of belts within a particular baking sector is highlighted below.

The manufacture of Hearth breads can require belts for the following.

  • Feeder Belt
  • Round Loaf Shaping Belt
  • Moulder Belt
  • Rounder Belt
  • Proofer Belt
  • Cooling Conveyor Belt
  • Dough Loader Belt
  • Dough Divider Belt

It is important to select the right belt for the application or process. There are many kinds of belts specifications that are designed specifically for inclines and declines. Swan neck conveyor or z conveyors need to be dimensionally stable across the width to prevent creasing.

Choosing the correct cover or coating or important too. This is because you may need a belt with lots of grip for an incline or one with a surface such as a woven fabric for release.

Blue coloured belts are increasingly popular within food process applications. This is because blue is a colour not naturally found within food products and is easily identifiable to the naked eye should damage occur and find itself within the food being processed.

Belts with special metal detectable fibers that are woven to the carrier are also available too and can be found in most belt types.

Other features that can be added are flights or cleats There are usually high frequency welded in place creating a permanent bond to the belt surface. These create a section that prevents products from slipping back down bakery / biscuit conveyor belts.

Side walls can also be added in the same way and create a raised edge which prevents product from falling off the edges of a belt.