UPVC Window Welding

Techweld is our brand for non stick PTFE sheets/foils used as a release barrier for UPVC window welding. It is used between the UPVC window frame to be melted and the hot platen. Most hot plates are square in shape and are covered with a self adhesive backed PTFE coated glass cloth sheet. The sheets is simply stuck down to the hot plate until it has finished it life cycle at which point it can be easily removed and replaced.


UPVC Window Welding


Non adhesive backed PTFE fabrics and foils are also used and can be mounted or attached to brackets or locators. One of the benefits of this system over self adhesive backed versions is there is no cleaning of adhesive from the platen that may remain once the material has been removed.

Other, non adhesive version, have fabricated loops on the ends that allow bars to slide through them holding them in position on platen. Machines such a Hollinger tend to use this PTFE non stick sheet system. We offer both none and self adhesive versions from stock, in either standard brown and premium grade silver. Both materials have an extra coating of PTFE and are finished with a special PFA top coat that helps protect the PTFE surface from premature failure.

The standard sizes we offer from stock are 1000mm x 5 meter rolls although 30 meter rolls can be purchased as well as 200mm wide rolls of preferred.

We are able to manufacture a wide range of the fabricated sheets from stock, however if you have a specific sheet we don’t have please forward this us so we can replicate this for you.


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