Cereal Baking & Drying Belts

Cereal baking & drying belts are used extensively in food processing plants around the world. The belts are fitted to Vaccum Belt Dryers, microwave or hot air dryers depending on the the product being conveyed.

The ovens or dryers are used to either dehydrate or bake and roast the product before being packaged which is the final stage of production.

If cereals are being conveyed for the purpose of hot air drying then a mesh type belt it generally used. our product codes would be:

PTFE Coated Mesh

  • GM2-95-NA (4mm x 4mm opening)
  • GM-82-NA (2mm x 2mm opening)
  • GM-72-NA (1mm x 1mm opening)

For belts with a little added strength we can offer our GM2-95-NA with Aramid yarns.

The benefit of using an open mesh for cereal baking & drying belts if they allow the air to flow around the belt providing efficient distribution of air around the product.

Closed Weave Non Mesh Belts

Non mesh belts tend to be used on processes where products are being roasted rather then removing moisture. In this case we would use the following products:

  • PS-36-NA (0.36mm thick)
  • PS-68-NA (0.68mm thick)

The continuous service temperatures of the above cereal baking & drying belts is 260 Celsius or 500 Fahrenheit. The belts will operate at higher temperatures however the longer the time exposed, the shorter the belt life will be. We have seen belts operate at 300 Celsius or 572 Fahrenheit for short periods.

Belt Tracking Options

We have the ability to apply tracking options to our belts. We can install tracking guides that are made from square sections. These are known as PTFE dry gland packings and are generally 5mm x 5mm or 8mm x 8mm. Other options are to have eyelets in the edge of the belts. These can then be attached to the chains on the machine with springs to aid drive and tensions across the belt width. This is often seen on Meyer fusing machines.