Check Weigher Belts / Check Weighing Belts

Checking weigher belts / check weighing belts are usually small conveyor belt that are either elasticated or fabric backed.

They are fitted to machines that check the weight of packaged items as they pass over the scale. If the incorrect weight is detected the machine will alert the operative.

One of the most common applications is the weighing of food as it is critical the weight of food is correct when packaged for sale.

Quite often the check weigher belts / check weighing belts are either blue or white in colour. White belts is very common however blue is becoming increasingly popular.

The belts tend to be quite thin and are made up of a single ply material. The top surface is a PU (polyurethane) and has a matt finish.

The underside is usually has a fabric backing. This is preferred to allow the belt to slide easily along the conveyor support bed.

Installation of the belts is relatively easy. The belts can be supplied made endless as a result and be replaced within a matter of minutes. This can be done by undoing the tension roller and simply sliding the belt in to position.

The belt is made endless by cutting a finger joint or z joint in to the ends of the belt. The ends are then thermally bonded together in a special hot plate vulcanising press. This ensures the belt thickness is even throughout.

It is important to ensure the belt weights the same all the way around as this can effect the weight the scales read if not done correctly.

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