Screen Printing Belts

Screen printing belts on dryers are used for curing screen printed products. They are made in a number of styles for various applications. They can range in size from quite small occasional use ovens to larger industrial versions geared toward high volume output and all use Techbelt PTFE non stick conveyor belts.

There are three main types of conveyorized dryers available that utilize forced air, ultra violet radiation or infra red energy. All these machines use screen printing dryer belts.

Forced air dryers are generally specified where the ink to be cured doesn’t require high intensity. This style of dryer can usually run with either PTFE screen printing belts or a polyester monofilament mesh belt. Polyester mesh belts will operate at temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius and the PTFE screen printing belts would work at temperatures of up to 260 degrees Celsius.

Infra red dryers are designed for curing similar inks to forced air types. Discharge, Water Based, Plastisol and 2 pack inks can be processed through these highly versatile Infra red units. Many types of belt edge reinforcements can be used with PTFE mesh belts. PTFE films are preferable with IR dryers as PTFE coated glass cloth and Kevlar types can be prone to cracking due to the intensity of the heat and continual flexing.

UV conveyorized dryers are designed for curing ultra violet surface coating that can be applied to a number of products such a glass, promotional and telecommunication products. The belt of choice which we manufacture in house for these units would be a PTFE coated mesh belt type due to the high temperature rating screen printing belts offers.

screen printing belts
screen printing belts