Cookie Sheets

Techbelt offers unique cookie sheets that is perfectly designed to give you an easy clean, non-stick surface on which to place your cookie and put in the oven.

The sheet has been manufactured to last and is made up of a heat resistant translucent silicone that is reinforced by a woven fibre to provide additional support for your cookie. The reinforcement that can be seen through the silicone coating has an open mesh structure which allows maximum application of the heat resistant rubber.

Our standard cookie sheets size 40 x 30cm and have a modern grey finished edge allowing the sheet to look in place with any rustic or modern kitchen.

The non-stick nature of the silicone allows the cookie dough to be put in to position on the sheet and put in the oven until cooked. Once the baking time is complete you can simply remove the cookie sheets and lift straight off.

Once the sheet has been finished with, any leftover bits of hard dough can be easily cleaned away, either in the dishwasher or sink, with warm soapy water ready for use time and time again.

We can offer worldwide shipping of our cookie sheets and can put your own brand on if you are a re seller. We ship all our sheet products in a card postal tube ensuring it arrives in perfect condition – call us for a cost if you are based overseas.

If you have specific sheet size that we don’t offer from stock please call us or e mail us as we can offer other sizes upon request to suit the quantity of cookie you require.

Please remember that our cookie sheets can be used for all other types of products that require baking in an oven.

cookie sheets