Folder Gluer Belts

Folder Gluer Belts

Folder Gluer belts are found on machines that are specifically designed to make the manufacturing of boxes and cardboard packaging an automated process. The machines, or conveyors, can be quite complex in design and require the precision running of multiple belts in order to perform their task.

The machines often run at high speeds allow high volume output to be achieved. This is far quicker than by hand and ensures packaging is supplied at a cost effective level.

Folder gluer machines can vary in size and design and can also produce a variety of packaging in all shapes and sizes. Because of this belt selection can vary depending on the type of product being produced.

There there tends to be two types of folder gluer belts to carry out this task as follows:

Polyamide Folder Gluer Belts

These belts generally have a NBR top surface. NBR is Nitrile rubber which is also known as NBR, Buna-N, and acrylonitrile butadiene rubber. NBR is a synthetic co polymer rubber.

NBR is a suitable surface because it offers a gentle contact with the product and can offer virtually no mark off on the product. It also has good dimensional stability therefore suitable to talk such a cardboard tube winding applications.

Another advantage is its good abrasion resistance characteristics. Polyamide belts are available in different thicknesses.

The joints are made with a glued splice that is heat cured.

Polyester Folder Gluer Belts

These style of belts are becoming more popular as they are easy to splice together. This method means the belt material can often be supplied in roll with a special splicing heater that the end user can use themselves. This saves time and cost.

Polyester belts also have NBR surface coating however they differ in the carrier, or carcass, is more flexible being polyester. This means they have excellent longitudinal flexibility, flex fatigue and reverse bending properties.

In someways they offer many more advantages than Polyamide belts.

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