skived ptfe tapes


Techbelts Skived materials can be used in many industrial applications due to its unique properties.

Its high elongation makes the tape useful in applications that require conformability. The combination of skived PTFE and silicone adhesive offers an effective solution in high temperature and high dielectric applications. Techbelts Skived PTFE tape provides superior wear resistance, low friction and a non-stick surface.


Areas of use include mechanical applications such as electrical insulation and cable wrapping, bellows and hose liners, gaskets, tank and vessel lining, slide bearings, skid ways, pipe support and bearing tape.

They are also used in many other applications requiring high temperature resistance, low friction and a non stick surface.

Features and benefits

Techbelt skived PTFE tapes are not supported by woven fibreglass as other PTFE tapes are and therefore offer excellent conformability in to radiuses and other areas where glass cloth tapes are not suitable.
Due to the skived PTFE not been supported by a carrier it has an extended life over standard PTFE glass cloth tapes and is therefore more suited to environments that may produce a high wear rate.

Material Properties

• Extremes of heat and cold resistance: Minus -73°C to + 260°C
• Chemical inertness: Affected only by a few rare substances at very high temperatures
• High Release from sticky materials ‘Non-Stick’
• Easy cleaning (Nothing bonds permanently)
• Low friction co-efficient: 0.04 – 0.10; depending on load and surface speed
• Chemical corrosion and moisture resistance
• Mildew and fungus resistance
• Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red, Micro-Wave, Radio Frequency resistance
• Non Combustible – Self Extinguishing
• Low Thermal Expansion: <5%
• Food Approval (USFDA)
• Lightweight and energy efficient for economical operation

Additional information

PTFE (Teflon®) begins to soften at 260°C, increasing wear rate. Somewhat above 300°C, fumes are given off and these should not be inhaled. COSHH data is available upon request. After contact wash hands thoroughly before handling or smoking tobacco.

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