Salad & Vegetable Washing Belts

Salad & vegetable washing belts are characterized by high reliability, easy handling, thermal and chemical resistance coupled with dimensional stability.
They are a versatile mono filament conveyor belts, are available in a variety of yarn thickness and diameters.

Polyester salad & vegetable washing belts are used as a carrier and transport belt in the food processing industry. Typically they can be found in companies that process and wash vegetable and salads. This type of belt can also be used in separation and filtration applications in water treatment plants.

Dewatering belts are offering in blue and white versions and typically have a 2mm square aperture which allows for fast and efficient water drainage.

The belts edges are reinforced with either PU of PVC that encapsulate the yarns preventing them from fraying and falling in to the products.

Tracking guides can also be fitted to the inside face of the belts edges to allow for ease of tracking as well as being offered either endless or with a stainless steel fastener for ease of fitting. In situations where the belts are used inclined flights can be fitted to prevent the products falling back down the belt.

Salad & Vegetable Washing Belts
Salad & Vegetable Washing Belts