Techbelt is one of the UK’s largest stockist and specialist convertors of heat resistant tape. From our facility we slit to customer order both Skived PTFE tape, and PTFE coated glass cloth types that are both heat resistant.

PTFE coated glass cloth tape is mainly offered in four different grades and are sold under our registered trade mark Tefsil ®. The tape itself is made by applying PTFE to glass fibre reinforcement and building the heat resistant layers up until the desired thickness is achieved. The four grades we stock are 0.08, 0.11, 0.15 and 0.25mm thick and are sold on 30 metre coil lengths.

Skived PTFE film tape is also offered in four different thicknesses which are 0.08, 0.127, 0.25 and 0.50mm. Heat resistant skived PTFE tape is a non-reinforced type and is made by slicing (skiving) a thin layer of film from a solid rotating block of PTFE. This type is more suited to applications where longevity is required as there is more PTFE to wear away. Places where a more pliable product is needed to conform to areas where glass cloth heat resistant tape will not is also an added benefit.

Both of the heat resistant versions we offer have a high temperature resistant silicone adhesive. This is a pressure sensitive type and will resist temperature of 260°C as will both types of tape. The best method of applying this is to ensure the surface it will be adhered to is cleaned with an oil free solvent, left to dry then the heat resistant tape applied with pressure from a roller.

We can slit tape to meet your width requirement which ranges from 10mm to 1000mm wide. This is done from stock with typical lead times of around 1-3 working days to process the order.

Please contact us today with your requirement.