PU / PVC Incline belts with flights / cleats are specialist belts that Techbelt offers in various materials. Swan neck incline conveyors need to have the dimensional stability across the width to ensure they do not buckle or collapse. If the wrong material is selected the belt can fold and damage and will not be fit for purpose meaning material selection is critical. The material needs to have a good level of traverse or cross rigidity.

PU / PVC incline belts can have flight / cleats made at different heights. This is flexible and can be specified depending on the product you are conveying. Flight & cleats are usually high frequency welded to the belt surface making this a permanent bond which is essentially a part of the belt.

In addition to the above side walls can be added down both edges of the belt to prevent product from falling off the edge of a belt on on to the machine of the floor.

There are a number of ways to join the belt together. This can be with a mechanical fastener such as the Flexco RS125 or by vulcanising whilst on the conveyor by using a special air cooled welding press. If the air cooled press is opted for then the belt would be prepared with a finger joint. This is also known as a z-splice.

There are three main colour to choose from which are white, green and blue however white and blue are the most popular. Green tends to be used for more industrial applications and offered in PVC as transport sheets within textile processing and manufacturing plants.

If you have a requirement for PU / PVC incline belts with flights / cleats please get in touch with our Technical sales team who are on hand to advise on any queries you may have.