Modular Belts


Modular Belts – Techbelt modular range is becoming more common place in a number of environments due to its durability and multi functional properties with the standard materials are made up of Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and Polyacetal (POM).


Modular belting can be used to convey a multitude of products (bakery goods, wood, glass, raw materials, seafood, poultry, produce, etc), and each modular belt can also be used for cooling or drainage.

Standard and special belt compounds are also available to enhance a wide range of belt properties that include diffusing static electricity build up, preventing freezing, increasing heat resistance, and increasing or reducing friction.

Features and Benefits

The belts are made up of a series of links in various sizes and can be assembled to meet your production requirements. If a transfer is required then smaller links can be opted for allowing for a far smaller diameter to be achieved. Other links can have a large open area that is suitable for allowing water to transfer though with ease in de watering or washing processes.

Material Properties

Operating temperatures:
Polypropylene: +5°C to +105°C
Polyethylene: -70°C to +65°C
Polyacetal: -40°C to +60°C

Additional Information

Techbelt modular belting can be supplied at competitive pricing levels and at short turnaround.

Please talk with our technical sales team who will be glad to discuss your requirement with you in more detail.

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We are happy to ship goods Worldwide, the cost of this will be dependent on the location and either the volumetric weight or the product weight including packaging whichever is the greatest, the cost of this will be confirmed at quotation stage of your order. For more information visit
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