Alligator Belt Joints image using stainless steel metallic fasteners with a tie bar across


Alligator Belt Joints are stainless steel metallic fasteners with a tie bar across the back preventing any individual pieces coming away and potentially falling into food products. These allow belts to easily to fitted and removed from conveyors.

Picture of Butt joints created by placing two ends to make belt joint


Butt joints are made by placing the two ends of a belt together and applying a 50mm wide piece of material underneath. This is then welded together ensuring the top surface is nice and flat.

castellated joint using interlocking loops from PTFE coated kevlar/aramid


A castellated joint is made by creating interlocking loops from PTFE coated aramid / Kevlar materials. The two ends can then be connected together with a metal or peek pin. This method is easy to install on the machine.

Clipper joint example a smaller and more lightweight belt joint type


Clipper Joints are very similar to Alligator types but tend to be smaller and more light weight. These allow the belt to be fitted and removed with ease.

Example of a cover joint Belt Joint with cover applied


Cover Belt Joints – Covers can be applied after joints have been fitted to act a barrier between the metallic surface of the joint and the product being conveyed.

Finger Belt Joints offer less stress on the joint area benefits for strength and flexing


Finger Belt Joints – Finger joints are manufactured in a similar way to butt types but offer less stress on the joint area. The joint offers enhanced benefits for strength and flexing.

Overlap joint showing a simple and easy joint to use where having an even surface is not critical


Overlap Belt Joints – Overlap joints are a simple and easy joint to use where having an even surface is not critical. This type of joint can easy be made on a machine where the belt needs to be fitted onsite.

Scarfed Belt Joints offer no lip for products to catch on


Scarfed Belt Joints – A scarf joint is similar the overlap butt offer a smooth transition for the product to run offering no lip for products to catch on.

Spade Belt Joints image similar to finger joint


Spade Belt Joints – The spade offers the same benefits as a finger joint but can sometimes be more effective and there is no sharp tips the joint that may begin to lift over time.


PTFE Teflon Belt Welding Iron

Joint Belt Welding Iron

PTFE (Teflon) coated fabric hand welders are used to repair belts already on a machine. Repairs can be made quickly, they also can be used to weld patches to belts. Hand welders are usually temperature controlled for each application operating upto 400 degree celsius. They are lightweight and simple to use to repair and join belts. We offer Joint Belt Welding Irons in two sizes for small and large applications.

PTFE Teflon Belt Welding Press Available to buy

Belt Welding Press

Welding presses use pneumatic cylinders to bond two belts together with powerful heat upto 2400 watts. These are designed to be used on belts removed from its working area. They cover the welding of most types of  PTFE (Teflon) coated fabrics and materials used on weave type, non mesh and Teflon conveyor belting. More information and technical specs

PTFE Belt patching irons for repairs

Patching Irons

These are used not necessarily for joining belts but rather quick bonding repairs whilst the belts is in situ to small cracks and holes and tears. In controlled food production environments they are supplied with Nylon handles for compliance. Belt matching iron further information

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