Duplex Heat Seal Tape / PTFE Barrier Tape


Duplex heat seal tape / PTFE barrier tape is a specialist tape manufactured in house by Techbelt. We have specialist machinery that our Engineering team custom build.

Our Duplex heat seal tape, which is also know in the UK as barrier tape, is made in two styles. The first style we have uses a glass filament tape down both edges. We use this as the tape is strong and often specified by  machine manufacturers. The width of the PTFE (Teflon) can be slit down to your specific width and is available in a number of thicknesses as below.

Tefsil 3 – Nominal thickness of 0.08mm(0.003″)

Tefsil 5 – Nominal thickness of 0.125mm (0.005″)

Tefsil 6 – Nominal thickness of 0.15mm (0.006″)

Tefsil 10 – nominal thickness of 0.25mm (0.010″)

The glass weave tape that is applied down both edges is usually either 15mm, 19mm or 25mm. This overhangs on to the edge of the PTFE (Teflon tape) by 5mm and is wound on to a release liner. We use a special clear release line with all our duplex tapes and barrier tapes.

Below you can see the critical dimensions we require in order to make the duplex heat seal tape.

A = Outer dimension of the glass filament tapes

B = This is the total with of the PTFE coated glass cloth

C = This is the usable with of the PTFE coated glass cloth

The standard roll length we manufacture is 30 meters long however we can on special request and subject to a minimum order make them in to 50 meter long rolls.

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Duplex Tape Dimensions