Industrial scale food drying can take place on continuous moving conveyor belts. Large scale ovens that are designed to efficiently remove moisture from various food stuffs often utilize a PTFE mesh belt to convey the product through the process.

PTFE mesh oven belts can be offered in apertures ranging from 1mm square up to 6mm square depending on the size of product being conveyed. Smaller cereal products would tend to use 1mm or 2mm square belts where as some larger animal treat products would benefit from a larger mesh providing ample support as well as sufficient airflow to dry the product.

PTFE mesh conveyor belts usually have 25mm wide edge reinforcements or hems that bind and protect the edges and prevent the mesh from fraying. PTFE films are most common and cost effective and in a large number of applications provide ample protection. Some ovens have automatic tracking systems that have pedals that tell the tracking roller to alter when the edge of the belt comes in to contact with it. PTFE films are too thin and unstable for this so Techbelt applied more arduous PTFE glass cloth types of it specialist CF series.

A number of joints can be offered however as airflow is something that is often crucial a joint that can also allow air to pass is preferred. Techbelt offers two main styles of joint that do this being the peek or Inox spiral type of Kevlar loop type. Please contact our Technical sales team to see which is suited to your particular application.

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