Rubber Extrusion Belts

Rubber extrusion curing lines utilize either PTFE extrusion belts or silicone belts to carry the rubber straight from the extrusion head through the often long curing oven.

Silicone belts are most common for these applications as the easy release surface offers an ideal level of release from the hot rubber. PTFE rubber extrusion belts, with its very smooth shinny surface, can sometimes not be ideal in comparison to silicone extrusion belts.

The ovens are normally anything from 7 to 20 meters long with the chamber being small in width and height. Belts also can vary with width from 100mm to 300mm wide.

Our specialist non stick heat resistant belts can be made endless by means of a joint which is often covered with a welded flap if a mechanical joining system is opted for. This prevents any semi molten rubber from sticking to the fastener and creating problems.

We also make the PTFE & silicone belt joint with a standard overlap. The slight lip created by this is normally covered for added protection. The edge of the belt, down the length of the joint, can be stitched to give extra strength as the joint can sometimes delaminate due to high temperatures of the oven. This is the most common mode of failure for PTFE and silicone rubber extrusion belting.

We offer all types of belts made to order from stock materials.

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Rubber Extrusion Belts
Rubber Extrusion Belts