Pasta Steaming Belt

PTFE coated Kevlar / Aramid mesh materials are used in the construction of conveyor belts that are used to steam pasta.

Large ovens are used to carry uncooked pasta through high volume industrial steaming ovens.

Raw pasta that is made with dough produced with durum wheat flour is conveyor on an conveyor belt that has an open weave construction. This allows steam to circulate around the pasta whilst being supported by the belt.

We supply the belt with reinforcement on the edges. We offer our belts with a special laminated film edging unlike any other manufacturer in Europe. The benefit to this edging is it is super strong and flexible and extremely resistant to steam and heat.

There are a number of options we can use for connecting the pasta belt together too. Our most common method is to use a bullnose loop joint.

Our Pasta belt will operate continuously at 232 Celsius and is extremely strong.

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