Draw Down Belts

Techbelt can supply your requirement for draw down belts to suit any machine on the market. The belts are used within the packaging industry on vertical form fill and seal machines. The belts are toothed timing belts and have a special rubber backing that grips and drags the thin film prior being heat sealed as a finished bag.

The draw down belts are made endless with no joint showing and have a specially moulded then ground surface for high performance use. We can also provide belts that have machined holes and slots for vacuum machines.
We have an extensive knowledge of OEM machine types along with the types of belt designs required to suit these machines.

A few examples of the original equipment manufacturers we are able to supply aftermarket belts for:
Sandiace Vacuum Draw Down Belts
• 225L 100 ETC TP40R, 225L 100 ETC LXMB, 270H 200, 270L 100 ETC TP40R
Ishida Vacuum Draw Down Belts
• These are made with a black neoprene
TNA neoprene vacuum belt in black
Rovema Vacuum Draw Down Belts
• 50 T10 630 with a black rubber base and ETC TP40R backing. These also have machines countersunk holes
Bosch Vaccum Draw Down Belts
• 50 T10 920 vacuum belt with yellow foam and left hand and right hand slots
Bosch Aquarius Draw Down Belt
• 30 T10 920 belt with a special thin, high grip translucent silicone backing
Ensuring you fit the correct draw down belt to your machine is critical for it operation. Key considerations that need to be considered are as follows:
The Base of the Belt
• The base of the belt will typically be made from either polyurethane or rubber
The Backing or Cover
• There are a number of types available for this. They are also available with different shore hardness which can be checked with a tester for clarification
Machined Teeth for Drive
• Lots of belts have teeth machined in the belt which provide a positive drive. A groove can be machined down the length of the belt on the centre of the teeth. This allows for the belt to run over a vacuum bed
Machined Slots & Holes
• Measure any hole diameter on the tooth side and the top surface. Some holes are countersunk which can be found on Rovema compatible belts. Also check the hole pitch. Check the top surface for slots and angles and measure the width and length as accurately as possible.


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