PTFE Carpet Back Curing

Techbelt offers a range of closed weave PTFE carpet back curing belts for use in the production of carpet tiles and synthetic rubber backed carpets.

These styles of belts are usually at the heavier duty end of the range of the materials we offer and have a textured surface that creates a dimpled effect on the surface of the rubber it cures. Although textured, the surface has a smooth non stick PTFE surface. Once the PTFE is coated the surface is then usually tested for porosity with a dye penetration test. The lower the dye penetration results, the better the material will be.

The PTFE belts vary in width and length and can range from as little as 1000mm wide to 3600mm wide and length up to 100mtr long on some lines allowing for high volume production. The belts are usually jointed on site with the aid of a vulcaniZing press. This method gives the end user the flexibility to change their own belts if they choose to do so but also allows for minimal down time should a mechanical failure take place that damages the belt in a production run.

As well as being endless conveyor belts the materials are used as press release sheets. They may typically be around 1500mm square and rest of the back of a carpet time whilst being cured and conveyed.

Our rubber curing belts tend to be offered in our product grade PS-68-NA in either standard brown or anti static black. A technical data sheet for this can be found on our documents page.

ptfe carpet back curing
ptfe carpet back curing