Cross Lapper Belt
A cross lapper belt is used on a cross lapper machine within the textile processing industry.

Cross lapper machines are designed to stack multiple layers of non woven synthetic fibers on top of each other. This is often done by adding the next layer at 90 degrees to the next. The reason for this is to apply a different direction to the fibers on each layer.

The more layers that are applied the longer it takes for the fibers that have been cross lapped take to exit the machine.

The requirement for a high high quality cross lapper belt is increasing as the demands of the machines increase. The machine demand can be things such as speed and the accuracy in which the synthetic fibers are laid together.

There are many different constructions for of a lapper belt but in its simplest form there are two. These can be broken down as either a smooth surface top or a grip top.

The belt material is almost always made with anti static properties and has a fabric backing. the fabric backing is the surface that runs on the conveyors rollers or bed.

It is desirable to have a belt that is as light as possible. This assists with the speed a machine can run. It is also important that the conveyor belt has lateral stability too and cannot easily buckle across its width as it runs.

The installation of a cross lapper belt can be fairly difficult. This is because the belts can be as wide as 2400mm and often situated high above ground level.

Because of the size of the belts they can often be heavy. This means it can be difficult to lift them in position.

The belt joining press is also large and is difficult to lift in place and position on the machine.