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Roller Covering Tech Grip

Tech-Grip roller covering is highly beneficial for covering rollers where downtime needs to be kept to a bare minimum.

Normally supplied in adhesive backed rolls at 50mm wide and can easily be spiral wound round a roller to provide extra drive where required.


Tech-Grip roller coverings can be used on any conveyor that requires a friction surface to benefit the application. It can be used to create extra drive on conveyor belts or simple as a friction surface to aid the flow of a product or material passing over.

Features / Benefits

A traditional grit type roller lagging may be preferential where conveyor belts are concerned due to the extra drive they can provide preventing any unnecessary slip on the drive roller.

Micro cellular PVC Sponge is ideal for uneven fabrics like brocade fabrics due to its softer nature avoiding damage to delicate fabrics.

Waffle pattern type laggings are a good choice where contact with extremely abrasive products such as traditionally woven carpets is likely.

Materials Properties
• PVC, PVC-Nitrile and PVC sponge
• High coefficient of friction compounds
• Abrasion resistance
• Wide operating temperature ranges
• Superior mechanical grip

Additional Information

Tech-Grip is available in available in both non and self adhesive firms and can be supplied in a number of widths.

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