PTFE Zone Tapes


PTFE zone tapes are primarily used in applications where it is important that the adhesive doesn’t come in to contact with a heating element or it is necessary to cover an expensive component of a packaging machine such as silicone sponge or foam.

Applications for zone tapes

Zone tapes are used in applications where PTFE-Glass fabric needs to be mechanically fastened to a surface. Zone tapes are used as a barrier between the hot surface of an impulse heating element and the material that is to be sealed, usually within the packaging industry. This tends to be the sealing of plastics carrier bags or when sealing items in a film pouch ready for the next process of shrinking. L-sealers and vacuum sealers all tend to use these styles of tapes and are offered in two types depending on preference or application.

Features / Benefits for PTFE zone tapes

The high PTFE content of the tape protects the surface of the impulse element allowing the molten plastic
to bond together creating a seal whilst not damaging the delicate elements. Depending on the style of zone tape used it either has a double sided or glass weave style tape to bond to the surface. Both styles offer a strong adhesive whilst being easy to remove and replace.

Material Properties

Zone tapes are PTFE coated glass fabrics with double sided tape or single sided glass weave tape down both edges. They are manufactured in either, 0.08mm, 0.11mm, 0.12mm or 0.23mm thick in varying widths.

Additional Information

All zone tapes are custom made to your specifications with quick turnaround times. Standard roll lengths are 30m coils; however shorter runs are available if required.

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