Conveyor Belts

Techbelt is fast becoming the UK’s market leading manufacturer of conveyor belts specialising in high temperature resistant, non-stick belts as our area of expertise.

The belts we manufacture are usually made to suit a specific conveyor type depending on the application it is designed for. An example for this would be conveyor belts used in the manufacturing of Tortilla breads where the belts are exposed to high temperatures.

Another area of suitability can be a conveyor that has the requirement for belts with non-stick properties. Machines that spray vitamins on to cereals for example, can benefit from PTFE coated non-stick conveyor belts as the surface can be easily cleaned giving additional life overall.

Our production facility has been designed for us to efficiently manufacture a wide and varied range of bespoke products to high quality standard. This allows us to keep costs down enabling us to pass savings on to our customers keeping us competitive. Because no two belts are the same we can manufacture to your specific requirement, often working with design engineers and to drawings for a conveyor.

Within the scope of our production we have the capability to apply a number of different tracking aids in order to help keep the belt running true and straight. The application of metal studs and square PTFE cords to the edge of the belt is a way of ensuring the conveyor belts are always located in place. These methods of tracking allow the belts to have the best life possible, keeping costs to a minimum.

In addition to the tracking methods we offer, we also have a selection of different fastener/joining methods depending on the type of belts being made. For PTFE mesh conveyor belts, we can offer metal clipper, Peek spiral, Bullnose loops and overlaps. For types that would suit a conveyor with a non-mesh type, we can offer metal clippers, stepped overlaps and castellation loops.

Techbelt Technical Sales PTFE belts, Conveyors and Tapes - Glenn Matthews

Glenn Matthews

Technical Sales - Conveyor Belts

Interested in our Conveyor Belts? We pride ourselves on customer service backed by family values. Our experienced technical sales staff offer free advice and technical help. We offer fast low cost Worldwide Shipping to over 50 countries.


Our business is built on service. We place a high value on being able to support our customers in all areas such as the speed we provide our quotations and the time we take to deliver our goods to the customer.


Techbelt has family business values with global reach. We supply to over 50 countries worldwide and strive to continue to offer our specialist products whatever your geographic location.


With a Technical Sales Team that has 80 years of experience between us, we welcome any challenging request and thrive on providing technical solutions.


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We aim to dispatch all customer orders for slit tapes within 1 – 2 working days. Our full time slitting department is on hand to ensure all cut rolls go straight into production on the day they are ordered without unnecessary delays.


Without you, we don’t have a business. Every member of the Techbelt team is passionate about serving our customers. Extra care and passion is taken right through from sales to our manufacturing team.