Textile Fuzing & Laminating Belts

Textile fuzing & laminating belts can be offered in a number of thicknesses to suit the style of machine you may have. They can be installed on all machine types suitable for all thermal bonding.

Fabric fuzing and laminating machines have top and bottom non stick PTFE belts that come in contact with the fabrics to be bonded and fuzed. A series of pressure roller’s, and a bank of heaters on the inside surface of the PTFE fuzing belt, bond the fabrics together and also allow the adhesives to release and not stick to the belts surface.

Smaller machines that have belt widths of around 400mm wide normally have belts with a thickness of 0.25mm thick where as much larger laminators with belt widths of around 2000mm wide would be 0.35mm thick as this offers better dimensionally stability.

Smaller belts can be offered as truly endless. This means the fiberglass or Kevlar carrier the PTFE is coated on to has been woven as a seamless loop then coated on a specialist coating line.

Other belts or materials used are made in long continuous lengths then finished by making a physical joint in them. For this style Techbelt can offer a scarfed overlap, butt joint or standard overlap joint. These types of joints can be seen on our technical page under joint types.

Our specialist PTFE fuzing belts can be offered with a PFA top coat which provided a super smooth high quality gloss surface that is durable a resists wear and a higher rate than normal PTFE coated glass cloth belts.

textile fuzing & laminating belts
textile fuzing & laminating belts