Box Taper Belt / Case Sealer Belt
A box taper belt or a case sealer belt are two terms used to describe belts that carry boxes through automatic taping machines.

Box taper machines, or case sealer machines, are compact units that convey a packed carton or box. The system then automatically applies a self adhesive packaging tape to the box to seal it shut.

These machines are used in companies who have an extremely high output of cardboard box packaging saving a significant amount of time.

Conveyor belts that have a high grip surface are used to grab and transfer through the machine. There are a number of designs in the market with belts positioned to come in to contact with either the sides of a box or two belts that come in to contact with the underside.

The belt of choice is commonly referred to as “Grip Top”. Is is usually offered in PU or PVC. The use of PVC on the conveyor side is more cost effective and can be slightly softer providing more grip. The down side is the surface can wear away more quickly. If a PU surface is selected for the box taper belt / case sealer belt then the belt life can be slightly extended.

Installation of a box sealer belt is easy to do and in most cases is carried out by the machine operatives. They are supplied with a mechanical fastener and a metal pin that connect the two ends together. By taking the tension off the belt it can be removed and swopped over for a new box taper belt / case sealer belt.

Many grip top belts used for this application have the addition of a tracking guide in use. The tracking guide is usually situated on the underside of the belt which we refer to as the driven side. The tracking guides used are V-guides and are thermally bonded using a hot air gun and a specially prepared surface.

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