Continuous Contact Grilling

A continuous contact grill, sometimes referred to as a clamp grill, works by allowing a temperature of up to 260°C to transfer heat to both the top and bottom surface of the food product simultaneously. Food product is loaded at one end and cooked as it moves through the cooker at a rate of anything from 0.5 to 5 meters per minute depending on the product.

The bottom belt is usually longer than the top belt which allows an in feed and out feed surface when product can be loaded on and taken off with ease.

The belts are made from a premium grade PTFE coated glass cloth with a superior coating and laminated film surface. The benefit of using these highly technical belts is that a wide range of food products can be processed on them. They offer a good contact surface and restrict excessive height expansion of food product whilst in the cooking process.

This style of cooking method and use of belts has health benefits and is much healthier than deep fat frying options.

Burgers, bacon, and chicken can be cooked as well as pancakes, mash and peppers. Quick product change can take place on the line whilst still cooking. Techbelt offers a range of specialist belts for contact grilling with our Techlam 10 & Techlam 12 being the most popular types. Technical data sheets can be viewed on our documents page.

At present our maximum width is 960mm wide, however wider widths will be available soon.

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