Aftermarket Seamless Belts for Hashima Fusing & Laminating Machines

Techbelt is a supplier of seamless fusing and laminator machine belts that can be woven and coated up to 3200mm in width and 13mtr in circumference. Our Hashima Fusing Belts are aftermarket products and not Genuine OEM parts. The belts that we supply are made to suit specific machine sizes in the market.

Our use of the name Hashima is only to advise that the belts we make will fit this particular brand of machine and in no way are we advertising our belts are OEM parts.

The materials we use are of the highest quality and are high-performance grades. The belts are black in colour which is achieved by adding a special additive to the PTFE (often incorrectly referred to as Teflon®) liquid prior to coating on the glass fibre.

The glass fibre forms the main structure of the belt and this is the part that is woven as a tube to create a belt that has no seam. The seamless belt ensures there will be no mark off on to delicate products when being heat laminated.

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** Please note that our parts are not Genuine OEM and the use of any – machine brand name  or trademark name is to inform you of the machine type our belts can be made to fit **

**We are not associated with, a licensee of, or authorised by Hashima in any way**

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Fusing Belts – Applications
Used as a heat resistant release belt for bonding and laminating fabric and materials. Usually done with a top and bottom belts.
Features & Benefits of Fusing Belts
Manufactured to approximately .036mm thick these belts benefit from a high percentage of PTFE coating for maximum release and finish.
Techbelt has the flexibility to make these belts at dimensions to fit any machine on today’s market.
Material Properties
• High temperature resistant – up to 260°C
• Excellent release properties
• Exceptional chemical resistance
Additional Information
Available in widths up to 3600mm, manufactured in various thicknesses and weights
If your requirements are not available to purchase online please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1422 366386
Product names, Machine names, Trade names and Trademarks remain the property of their respective owner. All of our products are replacements and not original products, unless otherwise stated. Our use of a trade mark is used in good faith to indicate the intended purpose of goods (in particular as accessories or spare parts) or services as detailed in the trade marks act 1995 section 122.
• Reference: AS-37-NA • Colours: Anti-static Black
• Standard width: 3600mm • Tensile strength: 3500 N/5cm
• Thickness: 0.36mm • Temperature resistance: 260°C
• Weight: 700g/m2
Standard Belt Sizes
Below are the standard sizes for Hashima machines. We can manufacture endless / seamless  aftermarket belts to custom sizes on request please contact us with your requirements for a price or if you require any further information regarding these products.
HP-1000ED 1000mm x 2.24m HP-1000ED 1000mm x 2.45m HP-120LS/12000LS 1200mm x 3.89m HP120LE 1200mm x 3.89m
HP-120LE 1200mm x 6.49m HP-100LS 1000mm x 3.2m HP-100LS 1000mm x 5.6m HP-90LD 915mm x 2.45m
HP-90LD 915mm x 2.45m HP-90L 1000mm x 2.4m HP-90L 960mm x 2.78m HP-60LS 600mm x 2.6m
HP-60L 665mm x 1.77m HP-60L 625mm x 1.86m HP-60LE 615mm x 1.65m HP-60LE 615mm x 1.73m
HP-60LN 600mm x 2.24m HPM-600B/CA/600CA 600mm x 2.45m HP-600AS 600mm x 1.53m HP-600AS 600mm x 2.45m
HP-600TX 600mm x 3.89m HP-600TX 600mm x 6m HP-600TF 600mm x 3.2m HP-600TF 600mm x 3.545m
HP-600LC/LCS 615mm x 2.45m HP-800T 800mm x 2.35m HP-800T 800mm x 2.75m HP-220K 220mm x 1.55m
HP-220K 220mm x 1.83m HP-220K 220mm x 2.23m HP-330K 330mm x 1.55m HP-330K 330mm x 1.83m
HP-450K 450mm x 1.55m HP-450K 450mm x 1.83m HP-450K 450mm x 2.43m HP-220F 220mm x 1.55m
HP-220F 220mm x 1.83m HP-330F 330mm x 1.55m HP-330F 330mm x 1.83m HP-450F 450mm x 1.55m
HP-450F 450mm x 1.83m HP-220J 220mm x 1.36m HP-220J 220mm x 1.66m HP-330J 330mm x 1.36m
HP-330J 330mm x 1.66m HP-450J 450mm x 1.36m HP-450J 450mm x 1.66m HP-500GS 500mm x 2.45m
HP-400S 410mm x 1.92m HP-400CS 400mm x 1.36m HP-400CS 400mm x 1.66m HP-450CS 450mm x 1.36m
HP-450VS 450mm x 1.66m HP-600AS 600mm x 2.45m HP-600TX 300mm x 3.89m HP-600TX 600mm x 6m
HP-600TF 600mm x 3.2m HP-600TF 600mm x 3.545m HP-600LCS/LFS 615mm x 2.45m HP-800T 800mm x 2.35m
HP-800T 800mm x 2.75m HP-800TS 800mm x 2.45m HP-900LCS 915mm x 2.45m HP-600LCS/LFS 615mm x 2.45m
HP-54A 730mm x 1.22m HP-84A 525mm x 0.82m HP-124AP 525mm x 1.22m HP-125AP 670mm x 1.22m
HP-1200N 1170mm x 3.38m HP-850N 820mm x 3.38m HP-600N 570mm x 3.34m SP-55N 570mm x 3.31m
SP-55N 570mm x 2.2m SP-55-1 570mm x 2.9m HP-450J 450mm x 1.66m HP-500GS 500mm x 2.45m
HP-400S 410mm x 1.92m HP-400CS 400mm x 1.36m HP-400CS 400mm x 1.66m HP-450CS 450mm x 1.36m
HP-450CS 450mm x 1.66 HP-30PS 315mm x 0.96m HP-30PS 270mm x 0.84m HP-220C 220mm x 1.66m
HP-220C 220mm x 1.66m HP-400CS 400mm x 1.36m HP-400CS 400mm x 1.66m HP300F 335mm x 2.43m
HP-450F 445mm x 2.43m HP-1000LR1 1010mm x 3.12m HP-1000LR1 1010mm x 3.92m HP-1000LR2 1010mm x 3.12m
HP-1000LR2 1010mm x 5.44m HP-1000ED 1000mm x 2.24m HP-1000ED 1000mm x 2.45m HP-1000LS 1010mm x 3.2m

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We can cater for any special requirements you require  i.e custom sizes special widths, our team can help assist you with dispatch, customs and shipping, we ship to over 30 destinations and have been established for over 20 years. Please get in touch with our Technical Sales team on +44 (0) 1422 366386 or email at

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HPM-600B/CA/600CA 600mm x 2.45m, HP-400CS 400mm x 1.36m, HP-1000LS 1010mm x 3.2m, Reliant 1400mm x 3767mm Endless, HP-220K 220mm x 1.83m, HP-124AP 525mm x 1.22m, HP-90LD 915mm x 2.45m, HP-450F 450mm x 1.55m, HP-220C 220mm x 1.36m, HP-600AS 600mm x 1.53m, HP-400CS 400mm x 1.66m, Reliant 1400mm x 6069mm Endless, HP-220K 220mm x 2.23m, HP-125AP 670mm x 1.22m, HP-90LD 915mm x 4.85m, HP-450F 450mm x 1.83m, HP-220C 220mm x 1.66m, HP-600AS 600mm x 2.45m, HP-450CS 450mm x 1.36m, Reliant 1600mm x 6069mm Endless, HP-330K 330mm x 1.55m, HP-1200N 1170mm x 3.38m, HP-90L 1000mm x 2.4m, HP-220J 220mm x 1.36m, HP-300F 335mm x 2.43m, HP-600TX 600mm x 3.89m, HP-450VS 450mm x 1.66m, Reliant 1600mm x 3767mm Endless, HP-330K 330mm x 1.83m, HP-850N 820mm x 3.38m, HP-90L 960mm x 2.78m, HP-220J 220mm x 1.66m, HP-450F 445mm x 2.43m, Meyer 2275mm x 11725mm, HP-600TX 600mm x 6m, HP-600TX 300mm x 3.89m, HP-1000ED 1000mm x 2.24m, HP-450K 450mm x 1.55m, HP-600N 570mm x 3.34m, HP-60LS 600mm x 2.6m, HP-330J 330mm x 1.36m, HP-1000LR1 1010mm x 3.12m, Meyer 2275mm x 11720mm, HP-600TF 600mm x 3.2m, HP-600TF 600mm x 3.545, HP-1000ED 1000mm x 2.45m, HP-450K 450mm x 1.83m, SP-55N 570mm x 3.31m, HP-60L 665mm x 1.77m, HP-330J 330mm x 1.66m, HP-1000LR1 1010mm x 3.92m, Reliant 914mm x 3200mm Endless, HP-600TF 600mm x 3.545m, HP-800TS 800mm x 2.45m, HP-120LS/1200LS 1200mm x 3.89m, HP-450K 450mm x 2.43m, SP-55N 570mm x 2.2m, HP-60L 625mm x 1.86m, HP-450J 450mm x 1.36m, HP-1000LR2 1010mm x 3.12m, Reliant 1000mm x 3767mm Endless, HP-600LC/LCS 615mm x 2.45m, HP-900LCS 915mm x 2.45m, HP-120LE 1200mm x 3.89m, HP-220F 220mm x 1.55m, SP-55-1 570mm x 2.9m, HP-60LE 615mm x 1.65m, HP-450J 450mm x 1.66m, HP-1000LR2 1010mm x 5.44m, Reliant 1000mm x 6069mm Endless, HP-800T 800mm x 2.35m, HP-600LCS/LFS 615mm x 2.45m, HP-120LE 1200mm x 6.49m, HP-220F 220mm x 1.83m, HP-450CS 450mm x 1.66m, HP-60LE 615mm x 1.73m, HP-500GS 500mm x 2.45m, HP-100ED 1000mm x 2.24m, Reliant 1200mm x 3767mm Endless, HP-800T 800mm x 2.75m, HP-54A 730mm x 1.22m, HP-100LS 1000mm x 3.2m, HP-330F 330mm x 1.55m, HP-30PS 315mm x 0.96m, HP-60LN 600mm x 2.24m, HP-400S 410mm x 1.92m, HP-100ED 1000mm x 2.45m, Reliant 1200mm x 60969mm Endless, HP-220K 220m x 1.55m, HP-84A 525mm x 0.82m, HP-100LS 1000mm x 5.6m, HP-330F 330mm x 1.83m, HP-30PS 270mm x 0.84m, 225L 100 Plain, 270L 100 Plain, 270L 100 Vac

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We ship goods Worldwide, the cost of this will be dependent on the location and either the volumetric weight or the product weight including packaging whichever is the greatest, the cost of this will be confirmed at quotation stage of your order.