Carry Case for Portable Belt Welder

Carry Case For Portable Teflon Belt Welder

Teflon Belt Welder Carry CaseTeflon Belt Welder Carry Case

Carry case for portable PTFE4Belt welder.

Techbelt now offers custom manufactured carry cases for our portable P.T.F.E  belt welder / welding machine.

The box featured on the right hand side is the smaller of the two which is ideally sized to fit the control box and its wiring assembly.

The control panel case is foam padded which gives the control panel extra cushioning.

The larger box is is to situate the frame / PTFE belt welder unit itself. One of the features of this case is that the whole of the top comes away to reveal the base. This means you don’t have to lower the frame in to the case making lifting on and off very easy.

The box is manufactured to a very high standard with the main body being made from light weight aluminium.

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