Conveyor Recommendations – PTFE Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Recommendations - PTFE Conveyor Belts
Conveyor Recommendations - PTFE Conveyor Belts
Conveyor Recommendations – PTFE Conveyor

Conveyor Recommendations – PTFE Conveyor

Below are some standard conveyor recommendations – PTFE conveyor belts. These are requirements for conveyors using PTFE coated fabric conveyor belts however
suitability of PTFE coated or any other belts should be thoroughly investigated prior to using a belt on your machine by the belt manufactures.


A minimum roller diameter of 4” should be used. Rollers should always be parallel and not crowned.
Automatic tracking rollers should always be used where possible.
Roller covering should only be used on the drive roller only.

Conveyor bed

The bed of the conveyor should always be flat and offer plenty of support for the belt
If the bed is perforated for airflow ensure there is enough support to allow for the weight of
the conveyed product.
Do not enable the product to allow the belt to belly through the conveyor bed as this will
cause tracking issues and belt damage.
If sheet metal is to be used ensure this will not flex and bend due to thermal expansion
generated by the ovens temperature.
If slats are to be used ensure that they are free moving to allow for thermal expansion.


PTFE coated fabric belts should always use the least amount of tension possible and should
not be put under tension any more than is required to drive the belt. Over tension will break the fibres


Automatic trackers should be used with PTFE coated fabric belts where possible.
If trackers can’t be used the belts should be tracked by someone with an engineering background
and experience and knowledge of the machine/conveyor.
The belt should only be fitted to a machine that is guaranteed to be level and square.
All the above is intended to be used as a guide only and Techbelt doesn’t take responsibility for any of
the information above as this is only for general use.

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