Double Layer PTFE Laminator Belt made in house by Techbelt

Double Layer PTFE Laminator Belt
Double Layer PTFE Laminator Belt
Double Layer PTFE Laminator Belt

Double Layer PTFE Laminator Belt

Techbelt offer our double layer PTFE Laminator belt made from PTFE coated fabrics.

What are they?

They are PTFE coated conveyor belts designed to fit any type of fabric or composite fuzing / laminating machines. The double layer provides a level of dimensional stability which can be essential when tracking these style of belts. This is also beneficial when running and processing more arduous materials.

What color are they?

Double layer PTFE laminator belts are generally black in color. Because the belts are antistatic they end up being black in color. The reason being is that the carbon used within the PTFE dispersion caused the PTFE liquid to turn black.

What is their construction?

They are manufactured from two layers anti static PTFE coated glass fabrics. The typical total thickness of these belts is around 0.50mm thick. This is achieved by laminating two layers of 0.25mm thick materials together in a special process. The final stage of the process is bringing the two ends together to make a perform joint which is only fractionally thicker than the rest of the belt.

Due to the extremely uniform joint, the belts leave virtually no mark off on the fabrics or composites being laminated together. This is essential or materials that require a high level of detail for the end use specified by the customer.

Additional information

Double layer PTFE laminator belts are usually operated in pairs. A top and a bottom belt. They are sold separately and are manufactured to your specific order requirement.

How can we purchase these from Techbelt?

Please contact us either on the telephone via our UK Techncial Sales office on +44 (0)1422 366386 or emailing us at

Please provide the width and circumference of your belt and we will respond to your inquiry in a speedy manner.

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