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Conveyor Belts

We source raw materials globally. It includes the United States, Europe, and Asia.

We offer both jointed and seamless (no joint) types. Antistatic Fusing Belts are used in Flatbed laminator systems as double belt presses with both inline heating and cooling sections. The materials that they are used for laminated are often covered with a heat-activated adhesive, therefore, the PTFE belt has non-stick properties. more info

Most of our belts are made from PTFE which stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene. Also commonly referred to as Teflon which is a trade name of Du Pont.

PTFE coated glass cloth belts are the most common type Conveyor Belts In The Food Industry. We have a huge range of belts for this industry. Our Sales team would be happy to advise the right product for your application

Some types of conveyor belting and materials used in food production:-


Because all belts are bespoke and made to fit your machine we cannot accept any returns. We could try and rework your belt if it was made too large.

It’s hard to say, however belts used on box folder and gluing machines run at high speeds for general conveyor belts.

Tracking refers to a method of steering a conveyor belt. It ensure the belt will run straight and not “track off”. We are happy to assist with this should you have any questions.

We generally work on five to ten working days. We do, however, accommodate all customers who require belts quickly. Call us if you need something fast.

Grip top belts have a Polyurethane surface with a fabric material backing. They have a high textured surface for added grip.

The surface of a grip top conveyor belt offers superior levels of friction. The base material tends to be made from rigid polyester fabric.

This means the grip top belt can easily be welded or vulcanised together. The surface is generally made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Belts Types

  • Flexco RS125
  • RS62 versions
  • A36 types

More info available here

Yes, we have two field-based sales representatives who have a vast knowledge of conveyor belts to help assist you. Call us to arrange an appointment.

You can do this by removing the belt and measuring its length. You can also make marks on the edge and measure sections at a time to gain an accurate length.

Our sales team can assist with this. Please give us a call on +44 (0) 1422 366 386 or email sales@techbelt.com where we will be pleased to assist. We also have a handy guide available here

Yes, we do. All our belts are hand made here in the UK at our trading address. We have a team of nine specialist belt fabricators who manufacture all bespoke conveyor belts to order. Customer visits are welcome.

We have a set of dimensional tolerances that we are happy to provide upon request. We ensure the highest quality at all times.

There are many factors to consider. We would suggest getting in touch with our sales team for advise.

Farm Baler Belts

You can buy these direct from Techbelt as we manufacture these belts in house at our UK facility.

Fusing Belts

We offer both jointed and seamless (no joint) types. Antistatic Fusing Belts are used in Flatbed laminator systems as double belt presses with both inline heating and cooling sections. The materials that they are used for laminated are often covered with a heat-activated adhesive, therefore, the PTFE belt has non-stick properties. more info


We purchase our materials in high volumes and benefit from lower material costs as a result. It then allows us to pass on the discounts we can secure.

PTFE Materials

PTFE is applied in liquid form to a woven glass cloth material. It is then dried at high temperature to form a flexible and durable surface. PTFE Coated Glass Cloth is a premium coated material ideally suited as a release cloth for a wide range of operations.

These include: packaging machines, UPVC window frame welders, hot plate welding, shrink wrap machines, vacuum / blister packs and conveyor belt applications.

Coated Glass Cloths are highly resistant to temperatures, with outstanding electrical properties, have excellent release surfaces and superior chemical resistance.

Out PTFE fabrics at Techbelt® we supply in:-

  • Products: Tefsil 3, 5, 6, 10 & 14AD
  • Maximum Temperature: 260°C
  • Maximum Width: 1000mm

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PTFE Coated Glass Fabric often called PTFE (Polyterafluoroethylene) is also known as Teflon, and woven fiberglass cloth. We generally supply this grade of material in 30-meter log rolls in 1000mm wide stock. PTFE Coated Glass Fabric is Ideally suited as a release cloth for films on packaging machines and arduous applications where outstanding temperature resistance is needed.

The Properties of PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Includes The Following:-

  • Chemical inertness: affected only by a few rare substances at very high temperatures
  • High release from sticky materials ‘non-stick’
  • Easy cleaning (nothing bonds permanently)
  • Low friction co-efficient: 0.04 – 0.10; depending on load and surface speed
  • Chemical corrosion and moisture resistance
  • Mildew and fungus resistance
  • Outstanding electrical and dielectric properties
  • Ultra-violet, infra-red, microwave and radio frequency resistance
  • Non-combustible – self extinguishing
  • Low thermal expansion: <5%

Find Out More In Our Shop Category For PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics Types We Sell

Yes. This is our main area of speciality. We have lots of grades available from stock.

Our PTFE Woven Fabrics Come In Three Main Categories

  • Closed Weave PTFE Coated Fabrics
    These types of materials are non-mesh types and can be used as cut sheets for example. Thicker grades are often made into conveyor belts and can be used for many different applications. The standard thickness ranges from 0.08mm to 0.90mm. We do also manufacture specialist high grade and laminated materials – please contact us if you are unable find the appropriate product on our website.
  • Open Mesh PTFE Coated Fabrics
    Our open mesh range of products are either used as sheets or can be made into finished conveyor belts. Generally our standard widths, depending on type, are 5200mm, 4000mm, and 2750mm wide. We carry a high volume of stock on standard roll lengths of 60 metres. We can also provide any length required on special order with a reasonably fast turn around.
  • Polyester Monofilament Mesh
    This specialist material is stocked and used for manufacturing finished belts and is ideal for drying machines that do not operate at temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius. Although the temperature range is not as high the durability of this material is far greater than our PTFE coated glass cloth products.

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PTFE Welding

Heat and pressure are the main requirement for welding PTFE. Our sales team can assist this for you. Below are details of the welding machines we manufacture at Techbelt

Yes. Techbelt manufactures machine’s that weld PTFE. Please get in touch and we will be able to advise on this.


We can accept a return for slit rolls that are standard sizes such as 25mm

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can obtain a sample from us. We offer small 4” disks, which we are happy to send out for evaluation.


We ship to almost every country in the world as long as our courier will deliver it there. We use global and trusted carriers such as UPS and Kuehne

They vary depending on weight, dimensions, and destination — typically small UK packages price at £12.50. We ship sizable conveyor belts into Europe for around £100.00 with Kuehne

We mainly use cardboard boxes. For larger and heavier orders, we can use wooden crates or pallets.

Yes, we do. As a frequent exporter of goods, we offer all special documentation upon request. There is a charge for this

Yes, we regularly issue heat treatment certificates we do this as it is a standard requirement for our supplied products. More details are available at the USDA website here

For a small charge, we can offer insurance. It is around 5 to 10% of the value of the goods.

Teflon Tapes & Specialist Tapes

The temperature range of PTFE tapes, they will work as low as -72 and as high as +260 Celsius. In imperial measurements this is -161 to +500 Fahrenheit

Extruded / unsintered PTFE tape is used on threaded pipe joints. This is generally found in local hardware stores and is white in colour.

PTFE adhesive tape for air compressor ? they are not generally used on compressors but for other applications some are listed here.

Heat resistant PTFE (Teflon) coated glass cloth tape with an integrated metal detectable foil & silicone adhesive. Widely used on sealing equipment in the food packaging industry where detection of foreign materials is critical. We recommend our Tefsil 3 MDT Blue and Tefsil 6 MDT Blue. Please get in touch for samples and customised orders.

Products: Tefsil 3 / Tefsil 6

Maximum Temperature: 260°C

Colours: Blue and Brown

Shop Now For Metal Detectable Tapes ….

We hold vast stocks of our Tefsil range. Typically we will hold anything from sixty to eighty thousand pounds worth at any one time.

UHMW film tape is also a low friction tape. It just doesn’t operate at such low temperatures like PTFE does.

Zone tapes are used on sealing heads for small packaging machines. L-Sealers is a very common machine that uses these tapes.

It can be applied to hot surfaces to prevent other molton materials sticking to it. The packaging industry reply of PTFE adhesive tapes a lot.

To improve lead times we have recently invested in a brand new CMC Cevenini E305 tape slitting machine. It allows us to dispatch the same day on most orders.

Both tapes have advantages depending on which application you are using them for. Our sales team are happy to advise which is best for your application.

A lot of our PTFE adhesive tapes are used on packaging lines. They allow the hot melting and sealing of plastic packaging without the product sticking to hot wire elements.

Yes. UHMW tape has the same low co-efficient of friction values as PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) also known as Teflon.

Generally not. For plumbing and pipework applications this is generally white.

No. High temperature foam tapes are made from Silicone sponge. Please contact our sales team for details.

PTFE Tapes are chemically inert meaning its not chemically reactive

All our UHMW tape are in 3m lengths and can be supplied up to 33 meter roll lengths.

Products: TES-13 & TES-25

Maximum Temperature: 260°C

Maximum Width: 1000mm

We make PTFE zone tapes in the house on machinery that was designed and build by Techbelt Ltd. Send us your size requirements so we can make your specific product.

PTFE tapes can be used as a bearing surface in that you can easily slide things along them.

Black UHMW tape is not a stock item. This can be offered and welcome your enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions
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