PTFE (often incorrectly referred to as Teflon®) Heat Press Sublimation Sheet

Teflon Heat Press Sublimation Sheet
Teflon Heat Press Sublimation Sheet
PTFE  Heat Press Sublimation Sheet

PTFE (often incorrectly referred to as Teflon®) Heat Press Sublimation Sheet

Heat press sublimation sheets can be cut to any size of from Stock to suit your heat press machine. A popular size is 38cm x 38cm and 40cm x 50cm. We use high quality materials with a premium non-stick coating that can be re used time and time again. The Heat press sheets can be cleaned very easily and perfect for keeping your press clean.

The PTFE sheet will prevent built up of ink and glues that can otherwise get stuck on an unprotected platen. Another great feature is they will assist with the even distribution of heat across the platen area proving protection to the platen itself and creates a physical barrier between the vinyl or sublimation paper being used.

If a PTFE sheet is not used it has been known for sublimation papers or vinyl to be accidentally put in the heat press the wrong way up. If this happens without the use of a PTFE sheet barrier cleaning the platen are will be very time consuming effecting productivity and work output. If this was to occur when a PTFE sheet was in position the sublimation sheet can be exchanged out within a few seconds and work can continue.

The use of an additional heat press sheet placed on the rubber plate surface will help protect this too and provide a longer life. Most companies today are using these sheets as they provide assist in keeping the machine clean and producing a much better quality of finished work as a result.

You can purchase this item via our online shop  which shows a few sizes we can offer. If your size is not listed please contact us on 0044 (0) 1422 366386 and we will quote you for this.

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