Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts Made from PTFE

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Heat resistant conveyor Belts made from PTFE Teflon
Heat resistant conveyor Belts made from PTFE 

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts made from PTFE

Techbelt is renowned for designing and manufacturing heat resistant conveyor belts made from PTFE at our UK facility. We have dedicated team of conveyor belt fabricators that have decades of experience ready to service your needs.

There  are many applications that require a conveyor belt that has the technical components to withstand high temperatures and perform in environments that other belts cannot.

In order to work in extreme conditions we use PTFE (often incorrectly referred to as Teflon®). as this provides a stable surface that will not change under elevated temperatures. We also use silicone as a coating as this allows our conveyor belts to work in demanding and hot places.

Where should I use PTFE instead of Silicone?

PTFE would be a preferred option where the surface needs to be tough. Also in applications where hot oils and fats maybe presented to the conveyor belt surface.

What would a benefit of PTFE be?

PTEF  has a surface that can be easily cleaned. This is beneficial when processing foods and improves the life span of the belt.

Where would a silicone coating be a better option for heat resistant conveyor belts?

Silicone is ideal for use where hot and sticky products are being processed. An example would be a rubber profile extrusion line when curing how rubber.

Techbelt works with many original equipment manufacturers to find solutions to demanding processes. We have a dedicated team who specialise in Technical Sales who can assist you with your inquiry.

Call Techbelt to discuss how we can design and specify the correct product for your process. We are always on hand to assist. We also ship globally often at short notice if you have a particularly urgent requirement or deadline.

Contact us on UK 0044 (0) 1433 366 386 today to see how you can benefit from working with Techbelt.


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