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Techbelt is a global leader in supplying and stocking a wide range of high performance heat seal tapes which we process from our dedicated facility in the UK.

Our team has extensive experience in this field and is able to advise you on any queries you may have regarding suitability of our products for your unique application. Having decades of experience working with OEM’s, End users and developers of machinery, we are confident we can offer you a satisfying experience when choosing to purchase your heat seal tapes from Techbelt.

We only sell the highest quality heat seal tapes as we realise that quality is the key to a successful business. Not only do we offer high quality but our prices are the most competitive in the market.

We believe by selling a high quality heat seal tapes at a fair price will result in satisfied customer who will return time and time again.

We want to build long term relationships with our customer rather than encourage then to go elsewhere because they feel our prices are simply too high.


What are heat seal tapes?

These tape is a PTFE coated glass cloth tape with an adhesive backing. It is usually brown in color but can be offered in other colors such as food grade blue. The adhesive that is used to stick this in place is a special high temperature resistant silicone adhesive which has an easy to remove yellow crinkled release liner.


What type of machines use these tapes?

Machines that use heat seal tape are more often than not pieces of equipment used within the packaging industry. An example of this would be an L-sealer. An L-sealer works by using a hot nickel chrome wire to cut through a thin plastic film which effectively heat seals a given product within a pouch.

The heat seal tape is used as a heat resistant barrier between the hot wire and the film being cut / melted. The heat seal tape also is a non-stick product so any molten film does not stick to the PTFE (also referred to as Teflon).


What types of tapes do you offer?

We offer a few different styles of heat seal tape which range from have adhesive fully on one side or with double sided adhesive strips which are known as barrier, zone or duplex tapes.

Here is a quick run-down of the types we offer.


Tefsil 3 Adhesive tapes

This is the thinnest we offer and is popular due to its low cost and ease of thermal transfer. The coated weight of this product (excluding the adhesive) is 150g/m2 with a 5% tolerance on this.


Tefsil 5 Adhesive tapes

This is the most common heat seal tape we supply and is very popular with OEM’s. It is a premium grade version and has a total coated weight of 250g/m2. Many companies tend to offer this but with only 230g/m2 so it is always worth checking when comparing prices.


Tefsil 6 Adhesive tapes

This grade uses the same base fiberglass as Tefsil 5 adhesive but has even more PTFE coating. This brings the coated weight up to 300g/m2. Again this is a premium product with many companies offer products with 260g to 270g/m2.


Tefsil 10 Adhesive tapes

This has a coated weight of 480g/m2 per square meter and is manufactured on a heavier fiberglass glass to Tefsil 5 & 6 adhesive. This is usually used underneath the nickel chrome wire and tends to be requested at 20mm wide.


Where can we buy them from?

Techbelt is the UK’s largest independent processor and stockist of PTFE heat seal tapes and supplies direct from our factory in Halifax to anywhere in the world. You can reach us via the telephone (0044 1422 366386) or email at


How do you ship your heat seal tapes?

We use UPS who are a renowned carrier. UPS have serviced our customer for a number of years now and we regularly ship around the world to safely get out heatseal tapes to their destination.


How wide can you slit heat seal tapes?

Our Tefsil heat seal tapes are stocked on master batch rolls at 1000mm wide x 30 meter in length. We have the capability of slitting these anywhere from 10mm to 1000mm wide. If you require us to break a roll down to two 15mtr rolls we can also do this for you.


What is the most common type of heat seal tapes you offer?

We sell an awful lot of our Tefsil 5 Adhesive. This is because it has a really high percentage of PTFE coating compared to the versions our competitors offer and is well suited to a wide range of heat seal machines.


What is the typical lead time for your heat seal tapes?

We have two slitting machines and a dedicated man to processing all slit tape order that come in. This generally means that most orders are dispatched within the same working day as received. We work hard to be able to offer the fastest dispatch times in our industry ensuring our heat seal tapes arrive with our customers quickly.


Do you offer small samples?

If you would like a small sample on one of our heat seal tapes please get in touch where we will happily send a small 4” round example for you to view.

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