Heat Sealing Bands

Heat Sealing Bands

Heat Sealing Bands



Heat Sealing Bands
Heat Sealing Bands



Techbelt is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Heat Sealing Bands used on Continuous band sealing machines.

Our Heating sealing bands are made from premium grade materials and are proven to be highly durable.

We manufacturer our Heat sealing bands in house at our 20,000s.q ft UK facility.


Examples of the machines our bands can be made to fit:


OEM Part #                        Machine Model

004-05013                                       CBS
006-05014                                     CBS-AT

006-05018                                     CBS-AT


 014-05007                                     PHS-C

014-05008                                     PHS-C


016-00089                                     BS-C


016-00090                                     BS-C


018-00150                                    BD


018-00151                                    BD


004-05011                                  CBS


004-05012                                  CBS


004-30420                                 CBS


004-30420                                CBS


006-05015                               CBS-AT


006-05015                             CBS-AT


004-31599                            CBS-AT


004-30421                            CBS-AT


008-05019                           CBS-CH-B


008-05028                          CBS-CH-B


037-05023                         CBS-B


037-05024                        CBS-B


008-05027                       CBS-CHA


008-05028                       CBS-CHA


037-05025                      CBS-BA


037-05026                     CBS-BA


042-00147                     CBS-CH


042-15029                     CBS-CH


011-07654                      CAP


011-07653                      CAP




💻Please email us for a competitive price on or visit our website

📞You can also reach us on +44 (0) 1422 366

We ship worldwide✅🌍



** We offer super-fast dispatch dates as well as highly competitive prices **

 ** Please note that our parts are not Genuine OEM and the use of any machine brand name is to inform you of the machine type our

Sealing bands can be made to fit **


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