Heat Shrink Tunnel Curtain Material / Silicone Glass Cloth

Heat Shrink Tunnel Curtain Material / Silicone Glass Cloth

Heat Shrink Tunnel Curtain Material – Cut To Size

Heat Shrink Tunnel Curtain Material
Cut To Size

Techbelt can cut you any size of heat shrink tunnel curtain material in both white or red colour. Our stock materials are 1000 mm wide. We generally sell this at 1000 mm or 500 mm wide and by the running meter.

What is the material made from?

The material is manufactured from a woven PTFE coated glass cloth that is coated with a silicone. The fibreglass generally used is referred to as a 7628 style. This is the common reference for the type of fibreglass. The fibreglass starts out as thin yarns that are then treated with a special lubricant prior to being woven together. This is known as “sizing”. There are different types of sizing however polyester is the preferred type.

Once the material is woven together the semi liquid is then applied to the surface. This is usually done by having a flat blade positioned just above the surface of the fibreglass to create a small gap. The fibreglass will will move forward while the blade stays in place. Silicone that is used create the heat shrink tunnel curtain material is then poured on to the fibreglass while it is dragged under the fixed blade. This then leaves a thin layer of silicone on the fibreglass to then be cured under heat as it travels through an oven.

What temperatures will the shrink tunnel curtain withstand?

Typically this will operate at a constant temperature of 232 degrees Celsius.  The heat shrink tunnel curtain material also has a non sticky surface. This is critical for heat shrink curtains as it allows the product to enter and exit the tunnel without restrictions.

How quick can this product be dispatch?

The lead time is 1 – 2 working days from order.

What is the material ordering code?

The material code is SIL-020.

We can cater for any special requirements you require i.e custom sizes special widths, our team can help assist you with dispatch, customs and shipping, we ship to over 30 destinations and have been established for over 20 years. Please get in touch with our Technical Sales team on +44 (0) 1422 366386 or email at

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