How to bond two layers of PTFE (Teflon) Coated Kevlar together

This video shows how to bond two layers of PTFE coated Kevlar / Aramid coated glass cloth together.

We have used a clear PFA welding film in between the two layer which is the bonding film. On top of the joint we have used a blue cast film. This film is used to create a smoother step where the lip of the material is. This will reduce potential for lifting or catching in this area.

We have used on of our HWI-155 irons which is designed and built by Techbelt. This iron is set to 380C however we can change the settings for you should you need to higher temperature.

We typically hold the iron in one place before moving on for around 60 seconds. This can be tested before welding on an off cut of material to check the time and temperature is correct.

The red weight is used after the heat of the iron is removed to allow cooling under slight pressure. This helps to keep the joint as flat as possible.