Video – Install Flexco A36 Fastener on a Conveyor Belt

How to install Flexco A36 fastener on a conveyor belt – Video

Here at Techbelt we have a wide range of conveyor belt fastening types to choose from. This video shows you how we install Flexco A36 fastener stainless steel clipper in a one of our PTFE mesh belts to give you the confidence we have the latest equipment ensuring the strongest install possible.

Here we are using a hydraulic lacing machine to install Flexco A36 fastener it is specifically designed to install conveyor belt fasteners. The machine provides the correct amount of pressure to secure the clipper in place. This method is far superior to the hand devise that used by most companies.

The fastener shown is just one example of the fastener types we can install. See our other pages for fastener types and the type of joints that can be used to connect conveyor belts together. All our conveyor belts are hand made in our United Kingdom Factory. We can also add your logo or design to conveyor belts for a truly professional finish. You can find out more about this service here

round baler belt mato fastener
round baler belt Mato fastener

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