How To Repair A PTFE Belt

How To Repair A PTFE Belt
How To Repair A PTFE Belt


A very simple video on how to repair a PTFE belt.

The items in this video are as follows:

. Welding Iron

. PFA (1 thou)

.Kapton film ( orange heat resistant film)

. A piece of PTFE ( Tefsil 10 n/a)

. Silicone

Instructions –

.Turn the welding iron on

.Place Silicone underneath the belt that you are repairing.

.Apply PFA( 1 Thou) on top of the damaged area

. Place your material (Tefsil 10 n/a) on top of your PFA

. Now, apply the Kapton film ( orange heat resistant film) on top of your material

. Place iron on the damaged area and hold there for a minimum of 45 seconds. Continue to weld the damaged area until the material has welded to the belt.


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