Our latest product is a Metal Detectable PTFE Tape

Metal Detectable PTFE Glass Cloth

Metal detectable PTFE (often incorrectly referred to as Teflon®) tape is now a stock item at Techbelt. We can offer slit rolls ranging from 10mm up to 500mm wide and they all come on a 30mtr coil. dispatch us usually same or next day from the date of order.

What is this product?

It is a PTFE coated glass cloth tape that has the added benefit of a metal detectable foil integrated into the construction. A silicone adhesive is then applied to the surface to allow it to be stuck down. This is the same adhesive as used on our other Tefsil tape range.

What is your products reference for this material?

For quote request of ordering purposed our product is called Tefsil 3 MDT Adhesive.

What is the Technical specification the metal detectable tape?

Below some basic information for this product.

  • Thickness = 0.20mm (metric)
  • Weight = 305g/m2
  • Adhesion = 6,00 / N/cm
  • Temperature resistance = -73 / +260 Celsius

Why use a metal detectable PTFE tape?

Quite often PTFE adhesive tapes are used on sealing equipment within the food packaging industry. There is always the potential for PTFE tapes to come away and fall in to food products as they wear. In order to eliminate this risk potential, the use of a metal detectable tape is required.

Can I request a sample?

We are happy to post our a small sample in order for you to see the metal detectable tape in person. Usable sample would need to be tried as a purchased roll.

How quick can I get some?

Unless we have unusually high demand, we can certainly dispatch next day from order on UPS. If ordered before 2.00pm on a given workday, there is a chance it would leave the same day although we cannot guarantee this. if you have a special request, please let us know at the time of order so we can try an meet this for you.

Where can I order metal detectable tape?

Direct from Techbelt, and we ship globally with UPS. We have negotiated preferential rates with UPS for worldwide shipping.

Call us today on +44 (0)1422 366386 or email our technical sales team on

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