Metal Detectable PTFE Tape

blue metal detectable tape

Tefsil 6 Blue Metal Detectable PTFE Tape- features a  PTFE/glass backing with Aluminium foil and a pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive cover with a yellow protective liner.

The PTFE/glass is ideal for non-stick surface applications on heat sealing machines, form seal equipment & blister packaging. Other release applications could be chutes, dead plates or conveyor rails.

The Aluminium foil is perfect for being identified by metal detector equipment should the tape become worn or fall from its work surface.

The roll length on this product is 30mtr.

A silicone adhesive backing applied to the Aluminium foil allows for reliable bonding to the work area.

• Extremes of heat and cold resistance: -73°C to + 260°C • Chemical inertness: Affected only by a few rare substances at very high temperatures
• High Release from sticky materials ‘Non-Stick’ • Easy cleaning (nothing bonds permanently)
• Low friction co-effecient: 0.04 – 0.10; depending on load and surface speed • Chemical corrosion and moisture resistance
• Mildew and fungus resistance • Ultra-Violet, Infrared, Microwave, Radio Frequency resistance
• Non Combustible – Self Extinguishing • Low Thermal Expansion: < 5%
• Food Approval (USFDA) • Lightweight and energy efficient for economical operation
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Techbelt USA

-Major Announcement- Techbelt USA is now officially launched, bringing premium PTFE tapes and conveyor belting to the US

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