New Equipment – In house PTFE laminator

PTFE Laminator

PTFE laminator PTFE laminator[/caption]

Techbelt has a strong engineering background with two of our Directors being fully qualified Engineers. The result of this is that Techbelt has the ability to design and build specific machinery for both internal use and for customer needs.

Our latest development is a trial machine we have built which allows us to laminate PTFE coated fabrics, material and films together. The machine allows us to make trials on materials up to 1000mm wide in which we have successfully been able to bond multiple layer laminates such as PTFE /PFA/FEP/Polyimide/and un-sintered / cast PTFE based films to the surface of PTFE coated fabrics and some other substrates.

This equipment is for in house use only in order to produce finished products for customers. In the early part of next year we will be looking to scale this concept up by making a full production machine capable of laminating up to 2600mm wide.

As we further develop this we will post details in the near future.

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