PTFE Belts

PTFE Belts are used in a number of specialist applications across the globe. There are many kinds of PTFE belt types in the market that are designed to serve in both non stick and hot environments.

We are able to manufacture PTFE mesh belts up to 5200mm wide and at any length you require to suite your conveyor.  We also make closed weave belts up to 2600mm wide. Closed weave belts come in a number of thicknesses and are available with anti static properties.

PTFE Belting made from mesh are especially used to support textiles or food when moisture is to be removed. They can be found in ovens such as relax dryers or IBO ovens. IBO stands for Internal Bake Oven. These ovens are designed to dry the inside of aluminium drinks cans which have been sprayed with lacquers.

We have a large workshop and have complete control over the design, manufacture and lead time for all our products as everything is made here in the UK at our factory.

We work with conveyor designers to help bring their concept to reality with the aid of our strong Technical backgrounds and years of experience to support this.

Special solutions such as PTFE or Kevlar guides can be integrated in to the edges of the belts. We can assist with all Technical aspects of your requirement and advise how best to track a belt.

We also provide both non metallic and metallic connections depending on the environment the belt is being used within.  Also  advise can be offered on which fastener will be the best to use. All the specification requirements of a belts design can be carried out here by our experienced Technical Sales Team.

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