Find out about PTFE Conveyor Belt Connection Types

PTFE Conveyor Belt Connection Types

PTFE Conveyor Belt Connection TypesPTFE Conveyor Belt Connection Types

PTFE conveyor belts are supplied either endless or with mechanical fasteners. We have a wide range of PTFE conveyor belt connection types available from stock.

Scarfed Overlap

A scarfed overlap joint can be used in conjunction with most material types. It is mainly used on closed weave ptfe materials, however open area mesh types can also adopt this style in an overlap form. When overlapping mesh materials bonding films are used this blocks the holes in the mesh at this point. When employed on closed weave belts the ends are scarfed (shaved) to create a smooth transition between the two surfaces.

Bullnose Loop

A bullnose loop joint is woven from aramid and is coated with ptfe. It is woven in a way that leaves out a number of rows of weft threads. When folded in this area it creates a loop that can accept a connection pin. This is the preferred joint on open mesh belts were strength and airflow is required.

Metal Inox Spiral

A metal inox spiral system is made by hand integrating them in to the end of open mesh belts. This system offers a similar connecting method as our bullnose loop. This joint maybe used or specified in application where wear of the connection may be a problem. If a large metal connection pin needs to be used then this joint is suitable.

Peek Spiral

A peek spiral joint is very similar in construction and design to our metal inox spiral. The peek is a popular style and is offered in both small and large versions. This tends to be a historical choice for quite few customers however the bullnose loop style is an appropriate alternative as they are easier to connect on the machine.

Alligator – G003

The Alligator G003 is a metal fastener which has a strong body to it. It can be used on both open mesh and closed weave type ptfe belts. Metal spikes grip to the reinforcement that is used on the end of a belt which holds the fastener in place. This end reinforcement is nearly always a ptfe coated aramid.

Clipper – A36SP

The Clipper A36SP is a metal fastener which has as strong but lightweight construction. It is more discrete then the alligator. This is very strong and is our preferred type of metal fastener. It is also more cost effective for the customer and can be used on both closed and open weave belt types.

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